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Why creating objects inside constructors is a bad move

So recently I’ve started studying how to create multi-threaded applications and one of the problems I stumbled upon is the “this” reference escaping. What it means is that you pass the reference of an object that isn´t fully constructed to another piece … Continue reading

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Disabling Intel Adaptive Contrast Enhancement via registry

WARNING: Don’t do this unless you know what you are doing. Messing with the registry can break your computer! NOTE: This is not related to Windows automatic brightness adjustment because that uses a light sensor, usually located near the keyboard. This … Continue reading

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Little MySQL optimization/weird behaviour

Here is another little weird behaviour about MySQL (5.5.46-0ubuntu0.14.04.2). Today i needed to make a query for searching a table with millions of rows for all rows between two dates. The query goes something like this: Running querys like this … Continue reading

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Sleeping threads using events in python

So today i needed to find a way to sleep() a thread in python without blocking the other threads. For some reason, time.sleep() wasn’t cutting it and was blocking my main thread. Well, unfortunately python dosen´t have a thread.sleep() (as … Continue reading

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The Go language

Unfortunately i haven´t had much time to mess around with my MP3 player recently, however I’ve started to learn a new programming language called Go and it is awesome! The syntax is a little bit weird at first for someone … Continue reading

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