First post!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

I’ve decided to create this blog, not only as a way to help document my little (and BIG) projects and to try and show that computer´s aren´t all that magical machines (although occasionally they do release magic smoke! XD), but also to try and share a little of my knowledge in the hope that someone, someday will learn something useful out of all this! 😉

As a way to kick-start this blog, i´ll make, in the following months, a series a post´s related to my first big project: a portable MP3 player! I´ll try to talk about every single detail i can about the project going all the way from the beginning, like designing and making prototypes for the various modules, until the very end where (hopefully) i´ll have a fully working mp3 player!

Well, this is all for now. See you soon!


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